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Scratch Repair Tauranga

Vehicle Detailing is more than your backyard car wash and involves not only cleaning the outside of the car to a high standard but also detailing the interior and Engine Bays... under wheel arches and the wheels and tyres themselves. You can add thousands of dollars to a vehicle's worth by having them detailed to a high standard and keeping them that way.

Sean has been in the Automotive Industry for 15 years with a background as an Automotive Painter. No job is too big or small for Sean with experience in buses, boats, and vehicles. Realising his potential he found Wax Attack and decided to step away from painting full time and concentrate on his detailing skills.

In an effort to support "Keeping NZ Working" we have selected companies who manufacture quality products in New Zealand, namely Pacer Automotive, and also Tranzbrite Ltd. Quality companies with Quality Products for a Quality outcome.